ARTIST – How do you find a good tattooist?
Don’t limit yourself to the first studio you find. Tattooists have their own style of tattooing, so find someone who can do what you want, how you want it done. Ask to see their portfolio. If possible, look for photos of their work healed so you can see how well the ink and colors stay in once the tattoo has set.PAIN – Does it hurt?
Uuh, yes. But it’s more irritating than painful. Some people find it rather pleasant, even ticklish. It may be sore and itch as it heals, but not any worse than an equivalent-sized scrape. Consider a group of three to 14 needles embedding a pigmented suspension several hundreds of thousands of times in your skin.

DESIGN – Will a tattoo change my self-image?
Each and every tattoo anyone gets changes their self-image, as you’ve just permanently, purposely and personally
altered – ‘customized’ – yourself. Whether it’s seen or unseen, you still know it’s there and that changes how you see yourself.

HYGIENE – How about sanitation?
Ask questions! Don’t just assume everything is clean and sterile. A safe studio should openly display copies of licenses and permits for the studio and each tattooist. Be sure they use new needles for each tattoo.

LEGALITIES – Are there any legal requirements I have to consider?
The minimum age to get a tattoo is 18 years – ID required (NO EXCEPTIONS). Clients must be sober, NO alcohol/drugs within the last  24 hrs. leading up to the tattoo. Clients must disclose any disease/health issues before being tattooed (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, allergies, anemia, etc.)

COST – What are your design fees?
Design costs depend on size and time spent on the tattoo. Fees are: $140/hr. a minimum of $70. Cost include all colors and 1 year free touch-ups.

PAYMENT – Cash and Cards accepted
Cash, Credit or Debit Cards accepted. No checks!

AFTERCARE – How do I care for my tattoo?
Aftercare is crucial – you will receive instructions from the Artist how to best care for your tattoo.

APPOINTMENT – Do I have to make an appointment?
Walk-ins welcome, appointments preferred. All appointments require a deposit.

GIFT CARD – Do you have gift-cards?
Yes . . . you pick the amount. Gift Cards are usually valid for one year.