Takiichi Kuohujoki (aka “Taki”) was born in Japan, but spent most of his formative years in Canada, and later, the United States. He has studied various forms of art all over the U.S., including drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and metalsmithing. Since 1992, Taki has been a professional tattoo artist after apprenticing under Rick Matthews and Brad Knaack at “Backbreaking Tattoos” in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. For 24 years (from 1994 to 2018) Taki worked out of “Rogues’ Gallery Tattoo Studio”, with Brad Knaack and later Patrick Ross, in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Currently, Taki can be found at “Skin Prints Studio” in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he continues to create custom designs and tattoos.
Although adept at many styles of design and tattooing, Taki tends to specialize and favor Black/Grey work, Sumi-e Brush style, and Abstract/Organic design.
Taki has also mentored the occasional apprentice, and has instructed several talented tattoo artists, including Robert “Pup” Byington, Corey Benjamin, and Zion Guzman.